NEW YORK, On September 1, 2019, from 02:00pm to 08:00pm, there will be a designated and secured area at Duffy Square in Times Square for another Bare Body Freedom Integrity Demonstration and Music Au Naturel performance by Ton Dou.

"It is not only when we die that we are with the Great Spirit,

it is also when we are naked on the land or at sea."
Ton Dou

“Our nakedness is our single most natural state of uniqueness, it is our truest
form of identity and should be accepted and appreciated for all that it is.”

Ton Dou

“Nakedness predates any form of governance, and the freedom to enjoy and explore
it whether for artistic, personal, recreational or spiritual purposes is rightfully ours.”

Ton Dou

"Bare Body Freedom is as natural and significant a human right and life
choice as any other and should never be legislated as criminal behavior."
Ton Dou

"The responsible at will practice of wholesome nakedness in the light
of day for the world to see, is precisely what the world needs to see."
Ton Dou

“The war on simple nudity is not a personal problem a few of us have, it is a societal problem we all have.  It is a precursor to the age-old issues with human diversity, and is akin to separatism in all of society today.”

Ton Dou

Ton Dou * Live * Ultimate Freedom Concert

The Ton Dou * Live * Ultimate Freedom Concert will be a Bare Body Freedom Experience

for every participant, bystander and passerby!


The music will be loud!


The message will be clear!


The moment will be monumental!


The TDL * UFC bracelet is how the NYPD will recognize and acknowledge people who are authorized to be “completely bare with integrity” at the Ton Dou * Live * Ultimate Freedom Concert and will be their very own memorabilia and souvenir immediately after the event. 

New York City has public nudity ordinances that I highly recommend everyone complies with.  The TDL UFC bracelet is a requirement for completely bare participation in the designated area of this event and does not authorize complete nudity anywhere else in the city. 

Let’s be mindful that what we do here will speak volumes about the legitimacy of Bare Body Freedom, and will be scrutinized for its integrity.  It is true that body language is a universal language because everybody understands it, and the naked body speaks loud and clear. 


If we want our way of life to be accepted and appreciated for its integrity and legitimacy, we need to drag it out of the closet and prop it up in the light of day so the world can see its integrity and legitimacy!

Come-One  Come-All  Come-Naked !!!

Learn-Well  Live-Well  Love-Well !!!

No-Fear  No-Harm  No-Foul !!!



The Ton Dou *Live* Ultimate Freedom Concert in NYC is an integrity demonstration for my quest to have the responsible at-will practice of bare-body-freedom recognized and protected as a natural-human-right at the federal level of government. 

The ideology is where there is an issue of sensibility with an individual being completely but nonchalantly bare, in the view of the general public, respectfully and responsibly, and the issue of sensibility is recognized and protected by law, it’s a bad law. 

The theory is that a law-abiding citizen or visitor should not be subjected to punishment for being who they are naturally, any more than they should be marginalized or discriminated against for their personal life choices, national origin or ethnicity. 

The event embraces and endorses genuine naturism/nudism, and very much appreciates the association that is made by its contributors and participants, but is not advertised, offered or officially referred to as such, and therefore not representative. 

The war on simple nudity is not a personal problem a few of us have, it is a societal problem we all have!  It is a precursor to the age-old issues with human diversity, and is akin to separatism in all of society today!  My endeavor is to end the war.

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤

Bare Body Freedom * Music Au Naturel

“the little petition that could”.

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