Hello Everybody, 

I am Ton Dou, and I have a lot of explaining to do! :)

I want to thank you all for your interest in what we are doing here, I am hoping your concerns will be addressed, your questions will be answered, and you will all walk away understanding and supporting this very important natural human rights cause. 

I am also hoping this ultimate freedom concert will effectively demonstrate the integrity of the bare human body in a nonchalant and wholesome state, and its harmlessness to any psychologically healthy member of society when observed in public view. 

I do this because I genuinely believe the responsible at-will practice of bare body freedom is an essential part of the natural plan, and the solution to many of the issues humans have had with themselves and each other historically. 

I have said, there is a war on simple nudity, and that it is not a personal problem a few of us have, it is a societal problem we all have, and that issues with the bare human body are akin to and a precursor to issues with human diversity. 

I have said, in most communities, no matter who we are, what we are worth or where we are from, we are among the most suppressed members of society if we seek to be responsibly bare at-will in our own backyards. 

I am not suggesting people should be completely bare in convenience stores or anywhere else there are no provisions for bare body freedom. 

I am not suggesting, when potentially vulnerable, people should practice bare body freedom so carefree that they do it to the degree that they are careless. 

I am not suggesting peace officers would not be very busy responding to complaints and concerns, many of which no doubt could be valid. 

I am suggesting bare body freedom would make us happier, healthier, smarter, safer, and more appreciative and respectful of ourselves and each other. 

I am suggesting bare body freedom should be recognized and protected as a natural human right, and that nudity alone should be exempt from penal laws. 

I am not asking people to look the other way and do nothing when clearly, peace officers need to be notified of crimes that are being committed against humanity. 

I am asking people to do their part for humanity by sorting out for themselves whether they are witnessing an actual crime or observing the practice of a natural human right. 

I am asking the same of every lawmaker and law enforcement official when they are in the process of carrying out their civic duties on behalf of all of humanity.

I have life experiences, as many of us do, that have shown me, nothing good or bad lasts forever, and that the simplest of life's pleasures are what get us through.  

I made the conscious decision to advocate for this crucial natural human right, rather than allow myself to be preoccupied with the nonsense propaganda that suppresses it.

I want to thank the brave and brilliant people who are helping to make this possible, I am genuinely grateful to you for what you do for this cause and ultimately for all of humanity,

Thank You!!