About Ton Dou

I've written in abundance of my personal naturist life in several songs.
The lyrics are substantive and the music is easy to listen and dance to,
I think other naturist's will like it!  I'm Anthony Lynn Douglas p/k/a Ton Dou,
Ton Dou is Tony & Doug abbreviated.  I write all my songs then try
really "hard" to sing them :), I hope you hear one you like!
I've been a naturist all my life and have written
(2) naturist lifestyle albums to date, titled
(Nature Zones) and (Naked Places).
I haven't kept a personal record of experiences,
observations, feelings and attitudes but reading my
Lyrics would be a lot like reading my Diary!
The naturist lifestyle is sacred and cherished
by myself and countless others worldwide!
Nature Zones may help to further validate it!
Naked Places may help to further celebrate it!
I was born May 2nd 1961 in Dayton Ohio, had a
career in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering,
raised a family then launched TONDOU LLC. a
niche market entertainment producer of promotional
"Bare Body Freedom" Songs, Music Videos and Documentaries.

Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, Ton

Available On-Line at Amazon, iTunes etc.!